Phaine is alive

posted by 4 years ago

Phaine is a web application that focuses on talking therapies. We want to give to the community of talking therapists an entry to a web presence. A tool that will help therapists reach out to their clients and communicate with them.

A therapist should not have to know how to set up a web server and how to create a website to reach out to their prospective clients. Phaine brings down the barrier of a personal website by allowing you to create a personal profile. Your profile page will include all your information such as your qualifications, name and photo. You are able to create your own blog. In the future you will be able create pages, have subscribers, share your practising location, create events, sell your own products and many more cool features.

Subscriptions are not open yet but we will soon be opening up some trial accounts. If you are interested please subscribe to our mailing list and you will be notified of our development.

If you would like to send us a message please use our contact form.

We are very happy here at Phaine to be live. We hope to server your needs in the best possible way and to develop a great community of therapists.

Phaine Team