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The easy and affordable way to build a website for therapists

Get yourself online with ease. Phaine has brought down the barrier of having a personal website. Long are the days where tech was frightening. We have made it easy for you to get online in no time!

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Get online, in 10 minutes or less!

Let's be honest, most website builders are complicated and bloated with features you don't need. The tech that drives them might be cool but it won't drive your business forward.

Build for simplicity and efficiency

Phaine was built from the ground up with one thing in mind; how can we make this easy to use?

Full support when you need it

Making it easy to use doesn't mean you are left on your own. We are here to help you get online.

Up and running in 4 easy steps

With our technophobe friendly approach you will be set up in 4 easy steps. With guidelines along the way, no way to make a mistake or break anything.

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We are working

With mental health practitioners and therapists from all walks of life.

Life coaches
CBT Therapists
Reiki Practitioners
EFT Practitioners

Say NO to complexities!

We have gone ahead and done all the heavy lifting that comes with web development just so you won't have to.

Is Phaine for me?

We welcome all lines of healthcare professionals. From psychologists, to coaches, to healers, complimentary & holistic practitioners.

  • Have no idea about tech

    Technology can be frigthening for many - we have done our best to keep things simple. Hand in hand with our support we are here to help you get online.

  • Just starting out

    We know how hard it can be when you are first starting out, budgets are tight and client lists are low.

  • You rely on all the rights tools

    When you need better tools that work for you.

Your therapy website is a place to express yourself

Keeping it simple helps you focus on what you want to say. To present yourself, your way.

  • 4 Step Installation Wizard

    You will be up and running in 4 simple and easy steps.

  • Get found with our SEO Friendly websites

    The truth is that SEO is complex, with so many different websites it is hard for indexers to know which page to serve. There are though many things that we have done to get it right.

Your Therapy Profile


Affordable website for therapists

Create your own therapists website now. Simple to use and affordable for everyone.


14-day trial
£19 /mo

For those just starting out with their online presence or practice.

What's included

  • One-page website

  • Easy to set up wizard

  • Basic Analytics

  • Free subdomain (eg.

  • About you and your service

  • Contact Details

  • Link to Social Media

  • 3 Testimonials

  • Therapy Directory Listing

No credit card required. Start 14-day trial


14-day trial
£89 /mo

For those who want an online tool that builds their business

What's included

  • Everything in Starter+

  • Multiple pages

  • Unlimited testimonials

  • Contact Form

  • In-App E-mail

  • Blog

  • Online payments for therapy sessions

  • Appointments

  • Client management

  • Online therapy platform

No credit card required. Start 14-day trial

Frequently asked questions

Why don't you have a free plan?

We have opted in for a 14-day trial. We don't see a point in having a free plan. The tech giants have spoiled us with FREE everything. What we forget is that they have huge investments behind them. Their product becomes you, with your data. We know you might not care, but we do. We don't like that model of business, we don't like advertisements and we don't like taking advantage of our customers. What we like is straight forward business.

Can I extend my 14-day trial?

No, the trial is to give you an insight of what you get. By the time you complete your sign up you will have a website for the next 14 days. If you like what you see and how easy it is to use - then you can join us. Otherwise, we will be sad to see you go.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely, you are free to cancel at any time you wish. We bill you on a monthly basis. That means the are no long contracts that keep you locked in. In other words you are free to go when you choose to go!

Do I need a domain?

You always get a subdomain with us. Technically, no you don't need one. If you have one though we can add it.

What is a domain & subdomain?

It gets a bit into technical jargon. is a domain name. The www. is the subdomain. When you sign up with us you get to a subdomain eg

Can I add my own domain?

Absolutely yes!

But I don't have a domain, can you provide me with one?

You can purchase your own domain straight from our app.

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