About Phaine

Phaine [fey-ahy-ne] means to shine, to give, to share and to spread light.

Phaine is a web application that focuses on talking therapies. We want to give to the community of therapists an entry to a web presence. A tool that will help therapists reach out to their clients and communicate with them.

Asking for help should not be hard. Finding a therapist that suits your needs should be at the tips of your fingers. Therapists should be able to access information over the internet with ease. Whether you are using mobile or desktop, you can access your clients, your appointments and your personal page.

The technological advantages of our era should assist us into creating a greater standard of living.

Our Mission

At Phaine we want to give the tools to therapists to serve the clients.

Our Team

Blending therapy with the cold medium of tech is tall order. That is why we have factored in years of experience in tech and human psychology.

  • Luke

    Loukis Loukas

    Member of the British Psychology Society

    Loukis has a Msc in Intergrative Psychology. He came up with the idea of Phaine in his dream of making therapy affordable, accessible and easy to everyone.

    • Phoebus

      Phoebus Apostolidis

      Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society

      Phoebus is a Hypnotherapist, a Reiki master and a coach in the UK. Phoebus has a deep knowledge of web development.

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